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听第 8 段材料,回答第 11 至 14 题

A 11. Why did the woman leave her last job?
    A. Her boss didn’t support her new dishes.
    B. She could not get along well with other colleagues.
    C. Her dishes were not welcomed by customers.
C 12. Who did the woman get the idea of “mobile restaurant” from?
    A. Her customer.                   B. The man.                   C. Her friend.
B 13. What does the woman think is the best point of “mobile restaurant”?
    A. Advertising online.       B. Saving the cost of waiters.       C. Being paid ahead of time.

C 14. What made trouble when the woman made dishes on the beach?
    A. The sun.                     B. The umbrella.                     C. The wind.

原文:(Text 8)
M: Martha, you used to work as a chef, but now you run your own “mobile restaurant”. How?
W: Well, I had all sorts of ideas for new dishes, which the staff thought would sell, but the boss wasn’t interested. That’s when a friend told me about the “mobile restaurant” idea. It sounds great.
M: So you can decide on your menu?
W: Yes, but obviously the dishes I know how to cook, then I advertise it so people can book a meal. The most amazing thing is that all the advertising is done through websites. And because you know how many people you’re cooking for, food doesn’t get wasted.
M: Nice.
W: Besides, I could buy all the things without risk because customers pay in advance. The greatest advantage, though, is by having ten customers at most, I don’t need to hire a waiter.
M: Do you ever run into problems?
W: Yes, I did one meal on a beach and the wind blew sand into people’s food. Fortunately, I’d brought a large umbrella to protect myself from the sun, so I put it around their table instead!

来源:湖北省部分市州 2022 年元月高三年级联合调研考试
听第 9 段材料,回答第 13 至 16 题

C 13. Who is probably Andrew?
A. The man’s fnend.
B. The man’s dog.
C. The man’s child.
A 14. What did the man ask the Latino guys to help him do?
A. Look for keys.
B. Repair his car.
C. Take care of Andrew.
B 15. What is so funny about the man’s experience?
A. He made his pants dirty.
B. He never really lost his keys.
C. He can not really speak Spanish.
B 16. What is the man like according to the woman?
A. Smart.
B. Forgetful.
C. Helpful.

M: I lost my keys at the park the other day.
W: Oh, no! How did that happen?
M: ⑬Well, I look Andrew to the park so that he could play In the sandbox, but we ended up riding bikes around the field and went on the swings by the lake. Then, we watched the Latino guys play soccer over the fields. When it was time to get in the car, ⑭I looked in my bag and my keys weren’t there. Then, we started retracing our steps. We went back over to the soccer fields, and ⑭I asked the Latino guys to help us look. So then, we had about 25 people all staring at the ground, and still nothing.
W: Wow! You can speak Spanish?
M: I thought I could speak pretty well, but then one of the guys kept saying something and pointing at my pants. I had gotten some grass stains on them while I was crawling around on the ground, so that’s what I thought he was pointing at.
W: But he wasn’t just pointing out the dirt on your pants?
M: Well, no. ⑮It turned out that the keys were in my pocket the whole time!
W: And this whole time, you just didn’t even think to look in your pocket? ⑯Ha! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you would lose your head if it weren’t attached to your neck!

来源:Listening test 29
Text 4

B 4. Where are the speakers probably?
A. In a hotel.
B. In a hospital.
C. In a car.

W: What a pity! The accident ruined your holiday!
M: Yes, bad luck. I should have been more careful while driving. Now I feel awful lying here.
W: Oh, cheer up. I believe you will be out of here in a couple of days.

来源:Text 13
Text 2

C 2. Where does the conversation most probably take place?
A. At home.
B. At a hospital.
C. At a drugstore(药店).

W: Excuse me, I’m looking for something for a stomachache.
M: I see, madam. You could try this medicine. It may help. But I think you should see a doctor.

来源:Text 14
听下面一段独白,回答第 17 至第 20 四个小题。

B 17. What does the speaker aim to do?
A. Declare some laws to people.
B. Give some advice to travelers.
C. Explain the punishment for breaking laws.

A 18. What is the second law about?
A. Traffic safety.          B. Noise.          C. Litter.

A 19. What can you do in this country if you are 17 years old?
A. Buy cigarettes.
B. Drive on the highway.
C. Ask your friend to buy wine for you.

C 20. Who is the speaker most probably?
A. A hotel owner.
B. A lawyer.
C. A tour guide.

    Good afternoon, ⑰⑳welcome to this beautiful country. We hope that your travel here will be a pleasant one. So now, I’d like to draw your attention to a few of our laws. The first one is about noise. Enjoy yourselves, but please don’t make unnecessary noise. Respect other people who may wish to be quiet. ⑱Secondly, crossing the road. Be careful. The traffic moves on the left side of the road in this country. Use pedestrian crossings and don’t take any chances when crossing the road. My next point is about litter. It is an offence to drop litter in the street. When you have something to throw away, please put it in your pocket and take it home, or put it in a litter bin. The fourth is about smoking and drinking. ⑲It is against the law to buy cigarettes if you are under 16. And you may not buy wine in this country if you are under 18 years old, nor may your friends buy it for you. If you request any help, I will be glad to help you. OK, now, ⑳here is the hotel. Let’s get off the bus.

来源:Text 20

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听第 8 段材料,回答第 11 至 14 题 A 11. Why did the woman leave her last job?    A. Her boss didn't support her new dishes.    B. She could not get…